Thursday, January 29, 2009


It must be my southern ancestry (relative of Robert E Lee heh heh), but I am a total sucker for anything with cornmeal in it. Polenta is very easy to make, but also fancy, which is say is a plus. I usually add the garlic, and sometimes a lot more than three cloves.
1 c yellow cornmeal (preferably coarse)
1 t salt
3 ½ c COLD water
(3 cloves crushed garlic if desired)
Boil over high heat, stir constantly with WOODEN spoon
Reduce heat to moderate and cook, stirring constantly til really thick
If you chill and mold the polenta, pour olive oil on the bottom of the pan to grease and add flavor, also pour parmesan cheese onto the bottom of the pan
If you serve it warm (my preference), pour a little olive oil and cheese on top of each bowl of hot polenta

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